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Zhongsu 11-layer co-extruded film11 layers co-extrusion film

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Main application of industry??/b>Meat products ,Bean products ,Cream products?? Rice ,Vegetables ,Seafood ,Gammon ,Sausage etc??/span>

Production technology??/b>The resin material with different functions such as PA/PE/PP/TIE/EVOH were melt-out and extruded respectively, Through their respective flow passage to amalgamate in a head of film machine, After blow molding, cooling and laminate each other??/span>

Product features??/b>11-layer co-extruded film has features of no pollution、high barrier、strongly function、low price、low capacitance ratio、High strength、flexible structure etc??/span>

Product advantages??/b>Excellent resistance to pierce, it can greatly prolong the shelf life of your company products, compares with the dry type laminate packaging materials, laminate materials must be bonded with glue??/span>

Why do you choose Hangzhou Zhongsu Packaging Materials Co., LTD

We focus on the production and supply of co-extruded high barrier film

Powerful productivity!Industry well-known brand, quality is guaranteed

The introduction of Germany W&H eleven-layer co-extruded cast advanced production line!

Powerful productivity, a world-class production equipment!

To ensure the quality of products and speed of delivery, the annual output of 120000 tons!!

Targeted the production to Customized solutions!Exclusive patented technology 100% of safe use

According to customer requirements of performance, one on one to make product solutions

Our engineers will according to your required products of

Performance, material, high and low temperature resistance, barrier properties,

working environment, service condition and other related factors make the formula. One on one to make product solutions。You set tasks,we explore

the solution together??em>Your question is a challenge to our work, ,but also for our


Advanced production technology, improve product performance, reduce cost!Industry well-known brand, quality is guaranteed

The introduction of Germany W&H eleven-layer co-extruded cast

advanced production line, improve product performance, reduce cost. Zhongsu co-extruded film compares to glass packaging,

aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging in the precondition of achieving the same barrier effect, has great advantages in cost.

Comparing with other lamination films ,advanced technology of film products and dry lamination film can be reduced by 10-20%.

Zhongsu multi-layer co-extruded film conform to international environmental requirementsExclusive patented technology 100% of safe use

Zhongsu multi-layer co-extruded film has no pollution not containing benzene, esters such harmful substances to

the contamination of the food in the entire life period of products, it does not make pollution nuisance to human and environment, solve the problem of twice pollution, fully meet

the world environmental protection hygiene requirements,

it is the ideal packaging material.

Zhongsu packaging materials is a professional co-extruded high barrier film supplier!

Zhongsu packaging materials is a professional co-extruded high barrier film supplier!

Shanghai - Lee

We has very high requirements of packaging for our food company . In a number of cooperation of the packaging materials company, Zhongsu makes us worthy of trust which is a supplier of professional packaging materials. They produce high quality Co-extruded high barrier film, strong co-extrusion high barrier film quality they produce good,

Zhongsu packaging provides customized solutions for us!

Zhongsu packaging provides customized solutions for us!

Hangzhou - Wang

We do the medical industry, very high requirements on packaging materials. General packaging material manufacturers are unable to meet our needs, but zhongsu has never let us down. Several times in the past cooperation, plastic with their professional touched us deeply, according to the our characteristics of the product to provide customized solutions

Why multi-layer co-extruded film packaging more environmentally friendly?
Plastic packaging, if you want to achieve more functional packaging materials, often to the composite of several materials to achieve the desired function together, and now, on health issues composites has been more attention, packaging residual traces of harmful substances on human health against the effects will accumulate over time.
Why EVOH co-extruded film of concern?
EVOH is an excellent barrier material, EVOH as complex sets of products with barrier layers for the packaging of food, beverages and items susceptible to oxidation, and can extend the shelf life of packaged product .EVOH oil resistance, organic solvents and Paul aroma is excellent, with a long flavor of the contents, and can prevent the infiltration of adverse external gas;
The plastic packaging film product quality how?
The plastic multi-layer co-extruded film in line with international environmental requirements, the plastic multi-layer co-extruded film pollution, no benzene, esters and other harmful substances in the class of contamination of food products throughout their life cycle, the human body and the environment does not cause pollution

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 The plastic around you strive to become the best Multi-layer co-extruded high barrier film supplier

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